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New pumper fire truck coming with minor upgrades

By CJ Goater Feb 28, 2024 | 1:41 PM

A new pumper fire truck is coming to Thunder Bay in 2025.

The truck will replace the current Thunder Bay Fire Rescue pumper that is currently in service as a reserve.

The new truck is not equipped with any fancy new equipment, but it does serve as a modernized subtle upgrade.

“We do look for improvements in the industry when it’s available, but this truck is a cyclical replacement,” explained the Acting Chief of Thunder Bay Fire Rescue Dave Paxton. “The general improvements that are available; there might be some interior improvements on design and shape for ergonomics of the firefighters in there and some (improved) pump efficiencies.

The truck came out to a whopping $1,271,856.79 requiring city council to approve taking $438,000 from the Fire Rescue Apparatus/Equipment Reserve Fund to finance the remaining truck cost.

“The engine package which is the engine, transmission, and cooling package have met the new (emissions) standards, which is what’s influencing the pricing on this model,” explained Paxton.

The fire rescue apparatus replacement plan indicates a 15-year front line and five-year reserve status replacement cycle for a pumper rescue truck.

The current 2003 pumper is now 21 years of age and is deteriorating.

The existing pumper is currently used for transporting fire personnel and equipment to emergency scenes to perform firefighting, rescue and auto-extrication activities as a reserve apparatus when other front-line apparatuses are in for service and repair.