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Tents at Grand Parade Photo: Megan St. Rose

Power to be cut, people told to leave tent sites

By Caitlin Snow Feb 28, 2024 | 4:48 PM

Electricity will be cut off by Friday morning and those living rough at the de-designated encampments around the city, must leave.

In a statement, HRM says there are still around 29 people living rough in these five locations, however, staff were at Victoria Park, Grand Parade as well as the Correctional Centre Park in Lower Sackville Wednesday afternoon, to tell people to pack up their things.

HRM says “the province, service providers and navigators are discussing appropriate, indoor sheltering or transitional housing.”

They add, there are shelters and housing options available for everyone, and offered transportation for the unhoused and their belongings to indoor locations.

The city says, Short-term storage is being provided for 30 days, but if there are any belongings left, they will be put in disposable containers.

The city says that Saunders Park is now completely vacated and remains closed to the public for cleanup efforts.

Meantime, one unhoused person from Grand Parade is asking for help.

In a video, posted to social media by volunteer Steve Wilsack Thursday, Ron says they are alone.

“Nobody’s been down to help us, nobody’s been down to call us, to see us…nothing…just crying out for some help.  If anybody can help us, it would be greatly, greatly appreciated.”

The city gave the notice earlier this month, for those living rough in five out of 11 tent sites, to leave by February 26th.