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UPDATED: Boil water order lifted in Dieppe

By Brad Perry Feb 26, 2024 | 12:48 PM

Good news for residents in Dieppe who have been forced to boil their water.

City officials announced Monday afternoon that a boil water order had been lifted.

The order was issued for part of the city on Saturday after a water main break on Amirault Street.

It impacted 1951 to 2685 Amirault, those at 16 and 19 Léonide, as well as all residents of André, Bayview, Carter, Dover, Florida, Freda, Jessica, J.F. Bourgeois, Joanne, Jocelyn, Kristian, Marco, Raphaël, Sophie, Telex, Ulysse and Vézina streets, along with Domaine Dover Estates.

The city said there are several things you should do now that the boil order has been lifted.

  • Cold interior and exterior water faucets: Run tap water for 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Hot water faucets: Run tap water for at least 15 minutes for a 40-gallon hot water tank and at least 30 minutes for a 80-gallon hot water tank or larger.
  • Water dispensers from refrigerators should be flushed with at least one litre of water before consumption.
  • After flushing the hot and cold water pipes, run the dishwasher empty one time.
  • Discard any water used in humidifiers and rinse the device with clean water.
  • Automatic ice dispensers should be emptied of ice made during the boil water order. Then, discard any ice made over an additional 24-hour period to ensure that any potentially contaminated water has been discarded.