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Source: CPAC

Trudeau announces $13.3 million to Nova Scotia for housing

By Caitlin Snow Feb 22, 2024 | 4:46 PM

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was in the Cape Breton area Thursday, to announce millions of dollars through the Housing Accelerator Fund, to fast-track building thousands of new homes.

The $4 billion fund helps build homes faster by changing by-laws and regulations.

Three hundred and sixty-seven new housing units are planned over the next three years and over 3,000 homes in the next decade, to help meet the demand.

Trudeau says changing the way we build homes, unlocks potential everywhere, including, “the amount of units you can build on a single property, the access to financing and capital and the acceleration of red tape.”

The first agreement is $11.4 million to Cape Breton Regional Municipality (CBRM).

CBRM Mayor Amanda McDougall says this money, means there will be dedicated resources to build housing, faster.

“Making it easier, taking away that red tape…so people can come in and say, ‘I want to build a six-unit’…your plans are already pre-approved, get out the door and start digging your shovels.”

There will also be a focus on affordable, accessible homes in CBRM and providing financial incentives to builders in order to cut down on construction time.

The second agreement is $1.9 million for Membertou First Nation to support new housing and infrastructure upgrades.

The fund has helped fast track construction of over 600,000 homes so far across the country.