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More Canadians making effort to buy discounted food: survey

By Caitlin Snow Feb 22, 2024 | 12:58 PM

More Canadians are searching for deals when it comes to grocery shopping, according to a new survey by Dalhousie University.

It comes after Loblaws recently backtracked on changing their discount of 50 per cent off expiring food to 30 per cent, prompting Canadians to look for better deals.

Nearly 60 per cent of us are now making buying discounted food a priority.

We are willing to change where we normally shop to buy it, even if it is about to go bad.

The discounted food products purchased the most include:

  • fresh produce (59.9%)
  • meat products (59.7%)
  • packaged and canned goods (57.7%)
  • baked goods (48.6%)
  • dairy products (48.3%)

The survey also shows Canadians are food shopping more, with an average of 7 trips to the grocery store a month.  That’s up two trips from 2018.

Apps to purchase food that will go to waste, and save consumers money, are also gaining popularity, with about 40 per cent who use them.

According to the survey, Loblaw remains as the store most preferred to buy discounted food from, followed by Walmart and Costco.

Metro and Giant Tiger were also in the Top 5.