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Rats will keep Grand Parade and Victoria Park closed to public

By Caitlin Snow Feb 22, 2024 | 12:24 PM

The city has posted signs notifying the public that Grand Parade and Victoria Park are currently closed.

HRM says they were put up following the announcement February 7, that five out of 11 tent encampments around HRM would be de-designated-that better options exist.

However, due to food waste, there is now a problem with rats and other vermin that must be taken care of.

Staff have recommended the parks stay closed to get rid of the rodents and restore the park grounds before any additional damage is done.

The deadline for those living rough in tent encampments, such as Grand Parade and Victoria Park, is coming fast.

They have until Monday to vacate.

HRM says Grand Parade ”is a significant public space that has been the centre of many key activities and events.”

The city says after community feedback and more indoor options for those experiencing homelessness, it is “being returned to its former state and intended purpose for the community.”