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Many teachers think their career is ‘unsustainable’ – NSTU

By Kevin Northup Feb 22, 2024 | 11:06 AM

The Nova Scotia Teachers Union says more and more young teachers are leaving the profession.

A staffing shortage is putting pressure on teachers to go above and beyond their duties.

President Ryan Lutes says many are calling their career ‘unsustainable.’

“That’s a really shocking statement, and not what anyone wants to think about teaching. Government needs to do a lot of work inside classrooms to make this a sustainable and rewarding career, because right now for many teachers, it’s not,” said Lutes.

Lutes says government needs to focus on creating happier and healthier classrooms.

“Student and society needs have increased, but our supports haven’t increased to the degree that they should.”

The NSTU has been calling for a comprehensive teacher recruitment and retention strategy.

Lutes adds there is an acute shortage in education, but it’s not closing schools, and a lot of kids aren’t getting the support they need.