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Halifax MP suggests relocating Canada Post building for thousands of housing units

By Caitlin Snow Feb 21, 2024 | 4:22 PM

A Halifax MP has a bold move to help fix the city’s housing crisis and is looking for your input.

Following his announcement that he is ‘seriously considering’ running for mayor, Andy Fillmore suggested relocating the ‘massive’ Canada Post building on Almon St, in a video posted to his social media.

The location is close to restaurants, shops, schools, services and is hooked up to sewer and water.

Fillmore says it would be a “simpler, more cost effective solution”, than breaking new ground.

He adds that he has already brought the idea up with Canada Post leadership, federal government ministers, and the adjacent property owners.

Fillmore says we can’t keep playing catch up and need to take advantage of opportunities and prepare now for the homes we will need by 2030.