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Lumsden Bridge re-opening on Feb. 17, 2024. Image: Submitted/Joanne Butland

Lumsden Bridge reopens after decade-long closure

By Regis Phillips Feb 20, 2024 | 6:33 AM

The Lumsden Bridge over Crooked Creek in Riverside-Albert was a crucial connecting point for thousands of snowmobilers and outdoor enthusiasts.

But the changing climate caused the bridge and its surrounding area to decline for years, with the crossing being deemed unsafe around 2012.

Thanks to more than $391,000 in funding from the government and the Southeastern New Brunswick Snowmobilers Association, there is now a new bridge in place.

Joanne Butland with the Chipoudy Communities Revitalization Committee said she believes the new bridge will allow better access to the community.

“The bridge is across Crooked Creek, which is a part of Caledonia Gorge, and behind this bridge is a covered bridge that people haven’t been able to access for years. The bridge completes the loop, and with the bridge out it was like the system was broken. You had to make a big long detour to get to our community,” said Butland.

“It’s good economically and it’s good for the people in the community because they don’t have to make that big detour around anymore.”

Butland said the upgraded crossing also fixes a broken tourism link in Albert County.

Community members gathered Saturday afternoon to mark the official opening of the new bridge.

“Being able to say the Crooked Creek bridge project has been completed, is something that many people should be very proud of,” Albert MLA Mike Holland said in a statement.

“The efforts of several have come together to ensure that this important connection to our trail system has come to pass. I am very pleased that I could play a role in getting the job done and now many new visitors will get to experience the natural beauty of Albert County.”