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The Clare municipal office (Municipality of Clare on Facebook)

Municipality of Clare calls Riverside Lobster closure ‘unfortunate’

By Kevin Northup Feb 16, 2024 | 12:14 PM

The closure of Riverside Lobster in Meteghan is being felt across the region.

The Municipality of Clare reacting to this week’s news that the facility will be closed permanently.

Speaking on behalf of the municipality, communications officer Anique Dugas says the closure is unfortunate.

“Situations like this are never easy, and it is our sincere hope the infrastructure won’t sit idle for too long, and that new opportunities can be found.”

About 50 people were employed at the facility operated by Champlain Seafoods, not including temporary foreign workers that would have been brought in.

The facility was shut down temporarily in October due to low lobster catch rates.

Dugas says fishing is the economic backbone of their region, and their thoughts are with those who are directly impacted.

“Champlain’s decision to close, it underscores the importance of responsible decision making with conservation and sustainability in mind,” added Dugas.