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Podcast: CEO and Managing Director of Seafort Capital discusses when to grow or sell your business

By Don Mills & David Campbell Feb 14, 2024 | 2:39 PM

When to Sell or Grow Your Business

In this episode of the Insights Podcast we talk with Rob Normandeau, the Managing Director and CEO of Seafort Capital, a regionally based private equity company that is part of a growing eco-system of private equity investment companies in Atlantic Canada. Founders East and Sandpiper Ventures are other companies in this space. Rob provides an excellent overview of Seafort’s investment strategy and the attributes that his company looks for in making a capital investment. His company is not just focused regionally, but nationally as well. He also provides the key considerations for business owners trying to decide whether to sell or grow their companies, as well as the basis for evaluating the market value of your business. He also defines the difference between a strategic buyer and a financial buyer and the advantages and disadvantages of a management buyout.  According to Rob, there is growing interest in the investment community for the opportunities that are emerging within Atlantic Canada. That is good news for those seeking capital.