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(Photo: Courtesy of Town of Riverview)

Faded Views Barbershop: clean cuts, close shaves, great conversation

By Tara Clow Feb 14, 2024 | 8:41 AM

Barber shops have been around for centuries, evolving into a place to go for a good clean shave and haircut.

Colton Keirstead, owner of Faded Views Barbership, opened in Riverview just over a year ago.

“We opened October 3rd, 2022, and brought back the old vintage style of barbering with straight razors, and hot shaves on the back of people’s necks.”

Keirstead previously worked as a Powerline Technician, and in the trades, but he realized he wanted something more, something different.

“I always have been a people person, a class clown personality. Close friends knew that I had thought about barbering for a number of years and then my best friend kind of gave me the kick in the butt to pursue it. So I went and took my barbering course at Eastern College in Saint John, and worked at a local shop for almost a year. Then I decided to go out on my own. I just had a vision that I saw so strongly that I wanted to proceed,” Keirstead says.


More and more barbershops have opened up in Greater Moncton in the last couple of years, and Keirstead says it’s because guys like to feel their best too.

“We perform men’s style cuts, but I also have a select clientele that are females. With younger kids, it’s the hockey flow and longer hair, or it seems to be anyway. As you get a bit older, guys like being tidy and having the hair off the back of their neck and then just a bit over the ears.”

For anyone considering barbering as their future career, Keirstead says being a people person definitely helps, because it’s all about building a great relationship with your clientele.

“Behind the chair, having a personality is the biggest thing. Being comfortable with talking to people and taking on a haircut. You can go give somebody a great haircut, but whether you have a great conversation, I think will determine if somebody comes back to the chair or not. It almost becomes a friendship.”

Keirstead says they also love doing good things in the community as well, including giveaways or raising money for donations.

Two Barbers make up the team at Faded Views Barbershop, Keirstead and his right-hand man Jamie Flowers. They also have a tattoo artist who rents a studio at the shop as well.

But Keirstead says he’d like to add a third.  It’s a matter of finding someone who is the right fit.

If you’re interested in visiting Faded Views Barbershop for an appointment, visit their Facebook page, or Instagram.