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The 450-unit housing development being proposed on Glen Allen Drive would include a mix of housing types including apartment complexes and townhouses. Photo: Town of Bridgewater.

450 unit Glen Allen housing development moves forward

By Evan Taylor Feb 13, 2024 | 1:47 PM

Bridgewater Council voted unanimously to approve the development agreement for a 450-unit housing development at their meeting Monday night.

Mayor David Mitchell says it’s an exciting step forward as the town of Bridgewater seeks to increase its housing stock amidst a shortage, “Virtually all the residents I’ve spoken to about 654 Glen Allen have said that it would be a great site for affordable housing, so it’s great to see it coming together,” Mitchell said.

The town is set to vote on changes to its definition of affordable housing at the end of February, and Monday’s vote to approve the development agreement is conditional on those amendments being passed.

Mitchell explained that the changes essentially allow the definitions of authorized housing cooperatives for affordable housing to also be accepted in addition to the standard definition of 30 per cent of income. He expects the amendments should pass without issue.

Once that hurdle is cleared the project will be in the developer’s hands who plan to build the 450 units in three phases over 15 years.

The project includes seven multi-unit buildings with a total of 414 dwellings ranging from 25 to 94 units per building and four to six stories in height. Additionally, there are eight townhouse buildings comprising 36 units.

A 450 unit residential development is being proposed at the former Kirk’s Forest Products land off Glen Allan Drive. Photo: Town of Bridgewater.

The development would be implemented in three phases, with 38 affordable housing units in Phases 1 and 2, and a minimum of 20 per cent of Phase 1 dedicated to two or more-bedroom units. The project also includes a small commercial component at the corner of Glen Allan Dr and the creation of three new public streets.

A birds eye view of the 450-unit development proposal on Glen Allen Drive. Photo: Town of Bridgewater.

Mitchell says the developer indicated they should have no problem building the affordable units by phase two, and they may include more than the minimum requirements.

Before the vote was passed, there was a public hearing on the matter where the primary concern raised was water runoff.

Mitchell says that was considered and a runoff pond will be included on-site to prevent water from moving further down the slope on Glen Allen Drive and onto properties along LaHave Street/Trunk 3.

The vote on the affordable housing definition is set to take place at the February 26 council meeting, and if approved the project will essentially be fully greenlit.