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Smoky the cat revived by Chester FD during housefire response

By Evan Taylor Feb 7, 2024 | 12:41 PM

City of Greenville, North Carolina

The Chester Fire Department successfully resuscitated a cat while responding to a housefire on Tremont Street on Tuesday night.

“Initially we were told there was a possible entrapment, but when we got to the scene we were told it was a cat named Smoky that was trapped inside,” said Chester FD Deputy Chief Greg Conron. “We were able to quickly put out the fire which was mostly isolated to the front porch and then enter the house,”.

Conron says firefighters then discovered Smoky unconscious on the staircase to the second floor which they were fortunately equipped to deal with. “They radioed out asking for our pet O2   masks which we were given a few years back,” Conron said.

“We turned on the oxygen, and a few seconds later Smoky popped up and was understandably a little upset and confused, but once they got outside he was doing much better and taken to the vet by neighbours,”.

No other injuries from the fire were sustained.

The fire damage was primarily limited to the front porch with Conron saying some minor work may be needed to the main structure of the house. Its cause is being attributed to cool ashes the homeowner told firefighters she had dumped in her compost bin shortly before the fire broke out.