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N.B. schools prepare for April solar eclipse

By Brad Perry Feb 2, 2024 | 7:03 AM

New Brunswick schools are preparing for a rare event coming up this spring.

Central parts of our province are in the direct path of a total solar eclipse on April 8.

Some Ontario and Quebec school boards have cancelled classes for student safety.

New Brunswick’s education department says some schools may dismiss students early so they can get home safely before the eclipse begins.

“The department has communicated this with districts, and they will be sharing further details with families,” a department spokesperson said in a statement to our newsroom.

The eclipse is expected to begin shortly after 3 p.m. with totality being observed at around 4:30 p.m.

Meanwhile, educational resources have been developed in preparation for the solar eclipse to help students learn more about the event.

Sessions will be held in six francophone schools that are on the eclipse’s path to educate the entire school community about the event, its characteristics, and dangers.

The department said solar viewers are also being ordered and given to students provincewide.

“This phenomenon will be presented as an authentic learning opportunity in New Brunswick and we are fortunate to have partners and experts to make this experience more rewarding and safe,” said the statement.