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We haven’t seen the last of winter yet…

By Caitlin Snow Feb 2, 2024 | 6:55 AM

What does winter weather have in store for us this month?

The Weather Network says Atlantic Canada got off easy in January, but that will not be the case later this month, when winter focuses its ‘fury’ on us.

The national forecaster says for the first couple of weeks of February, temperatures will be above seasonal, even with some snow coming over the next several days, but that won’t last, as the latter half of this month will bring some pretty cold weather.

Temperatures are not supposed to get as cold as they were in the Prairie’s during mid-January, but certain factors such as the polar vortex should cause the frigid temperatures to last a little longer as we head into March.

The Weather Network also says that there is going to be a lot more snow, at times, as winter comes to a close.