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DHS Eagles hit the pool

By Adam Riley Jan 30, 2024 | 12:35 PM

Courtesy: Dryden High School

The Dryden Eagles are on the ice, on the field, on the court and now…in the pool, following the formation of a swim team.

This marks the latest evolution within the DHS Athletics Department, and school sports in the region as it expands the number of participating schools to four.

It was spurred by Lindsay Rettie, a mother of a Dryden Dolphin who is about to enter DHS.

She say’s so far the team of four students have held two time trials with Janet Hyslop, a Kenora based teacher and swimming coach, coordinating.

“She’s the one we send all of our time trials to, because we can do them locally, and then it’s either next weekend or the weekend after the swim team will go to Kenora to compete in NORWASSA.”

The results of that event will determine who from the region will go on to OFSSA.

Trisha Lundstrom is the head of the athletics department and calls this an example of how great volunteerism can create change, noting her optimism of this initial startup of four swimmers will not only grow the sport but also bring other sports into the fold at DHS.

“Everybody wants lots of things to happen but you need people and volunteers to make those things happen. So this is a perfect example of a dedicated passionate group that wanted to enact some change and provide some further opportunities.”

Additionally bringing aquatic sports to DHS, according to Lundstrom, can bring multiple competitive avenues.

As while it is a team sport, swimmers often find themselves competing individually.

“So its a great sport for people who don’t want to do the big team thing, and its a great life long sport for people, a great winter sport.”