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Mount Saint Vincent University. (SOURCE: Facebook)

Faculty at The Mount getting ready for strike action

By Caitlin Snow Jan 30, 2024 | 7:00 AM

Faculty at The Mount Saint Vincent University in Halifax are preparing to walk off the job.

In a Monday new release, the president of The Mount Saint Vincent University Faculty Association Dr. Susan Brigham says the collective bargaining process has been “frustrating and disappointing”. Brigham says the Board of Governors has been “dragging its feet” choosing to wait months until tabling its financial package.

The Collective Agreement expired in June of last year, and, Brigham says the stall tactics have made it impossible to reach a reasonable agreement in a timely manner.

The association says both parties in the spring of 2021 agreed to work together to prepare actions that focus on equity, diversity, inclusion and accessibility, but say for the most part the Board has not included these things in its proposals.

The association represents 160 full-time faculty, librarian and lab instructor employees and plans to be in strike position February 10th.

“We are well aware of the implications a strike will have on students, faculty, and the reputation of the institution, but if we cannot ratify a new Collective Agreement, job action is the next step, and we are getting ready,” says Brigham.