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Saint John extends age limit for taxi cabs

By Regis Phillips Jan 29, 2024 | 10:24 AM

Taxi cabs in Saint John will now have a 10-year age limit instead of eight.

Council voted to make changes to its vehicle for hire bylaw last week.

The move comes as taxi companies continue to struggle with the impacts of COVID-19.

According to a staff report, the age amendment is meant to help alleviate the negative impact on the taxi industry and provide some relief with respect to the age of vehicles.

Factory shutdowns due to COVID created widespread shortages of parts, filtering down to a lack of finished vehicles for sale on dealer lots.

Abdul Rahimi, the owner of Simonds Taxi, said he had to start from zero when the COVID lockdowns took effect in March 2020.

“I had to shut it down for three months. I had to start from zero, then I got 10, to 20, 3o, then we were back in business with 50 to 60 people,” said Rahimi.

The report also adds the costs of passenger vehicles have seen a significant increase, with an uneasy equilibrium between supply and demand and long delivery times.

It recommended for 2024 and all subsequent years that all taxis that are eight years of age can now be 10 years old or newer.

This would mean when taxi licenses are renewed this year, 2015 cars will not have to be removed and could be entered into the business.

Rahimi is thankful for the extension but believes the older cars will cause issues.

“On the one hand, it’s a good impact on our industry. On the other hand, it’s not because the lower the age of the taxis are, it’s going to be good shape,” said Rahimi.

Rahimi also noted that the introduction of ridesharing services has impacted the taxi industry.