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Health and Wellness Minister Michelle Thompson (N.S. Government)

Second round of $10,000 coming soon to nurses

By Caitlin Snow Jan 26, 2024 | 12:29 PM

In several weeks, nurses will receive the second installment of $10,000 bonuses, for those who stayed in the healthcare system.

Last year the government spent roughly $250 million on a lucrative ‘thank you’ bonus on nurses and other staff, after the turmoil of the pandemic, in an effort to retain workers.

Health Minister Michelle Thompson told reporters Tuesday that spending that kind of money was worth it, after about 150 nurses came back to our health care system; and the 55,000 employees were tired.

“I think all of us felt the strain of the pandemic, but I think healthcare workers would agree that it was very acute for them. So, it was an opportunity to thank those who work in the system,” Thompson said.

Nurses who left, received $10,000 to come back, on a two-year agreement.

Nurses, who stayed on the job, were also paid $10,000 and will get another $10,000 this March and sign a two-year return of service agreement.

Other healthcare workers, including paramedics, telehealth staff, respiratory therapists, continuing care staff, ward clerks, housekeeping and food service staff received $5,000.

For those receiving the second round of cheques, the government is allocating about $110 million.  The number who will receive the second bonus is still unclear.

Thompson added they did ‘stay’ interviews with staff not only to get feedback regarding the incentive, but to keep retention.