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Source: Emergency Medical Services Facebook

Province honours paramedics with Emergency Medical Services Exemplary Service Medals

By Caitlin Snow Jan 25, 2024 | 7:29 AM

The province honoured thirteen current and five former paramedics, including two post humorously with Emergency Medical Services Exemplary Service Medals, Wednesday.

The award is to acknowledge their careers dedicated to providing care to people in their time of need; sometimes at their own personal risk.

The province says the award also “acknowledges their long standing dedication to the health, safety and well-being of Nova Scotians.”

“On behalf of His Majesty the King, I am delighted to recognize an outstanding group of individuals for significant contributions to the health and wellbeing of Nova Scotians,” said Lt.-Gov. Arthur J. LeBlanc. “Pre-hospital emergency medical services play a critical role in our communities, and I extend my gratitude to the professionals that provide life-saving care with courage and grace, particularly during moments that are fraught with risk and uncertainty.”

Exemplary Service Medal recipients:

– David Best, East Village, Colchester County

– John Collicott, Amherst

– Timothy Colburn, Tatamagouche

– Sandee Crooks, Bedford

– James Currie, Shelburne

– Lyle Donovan, Neil’s Harbour, Victoria County

– Allister Edwards, Port Caledonia, Cape Breton Regional Municipality

– Peter Fraser, Barra Head, Richmond County

– Ritchie Gilby, Enfield (posthumous)

– Eddy Guenette, Parrsboro

– Geoffrey Haines, Halifax

– Crystal Larkin, Barrington

– Parry MacDonald, Antigonish

– Lorna Mastin, Middleton

– Dan O’Neil, Enfield (posthumous)

– William Poole, Gavelton, Yarmouth County
– Scott Veinot, Wilmot, Annapolis County

– Andrew Walsh, Lantz