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An overview of Harbour Passage projects, with 'The Cove' highlighted in blue, completed projects in yellow, and yet-to-be-completed projects in red. Image: City of Saint John

Harbour Passage extension planned for 2025

By Brad Perry Jan 24, 2024 | 3:53 PM

There will soon be safer access for pedestrians and cyclists into Saint John’s lower west side.

An extension of Harbour Passage that has been dubbed “The Cove” will be constructed next year.

It will include roughly 400 to 500 metres of off-street trail between Fallsview Drive and Riverview Drive.

Tim O’Reilly, the city’s public works director, said the expansion will be an important link to the Douglas Avenue area.

“It will include about 15 lights along this section of off-road path and trailheads at each end of the section being constructed,” O’Reilly told council this week.

“We are planning to install a signalized crosswalk just to the east of the Reversing Falls Bridge, which will create that safer passage from Douglas Avenue into the lower west and bypass Simms Corner.”

A rendering showing the rough area where ‘The Cove’ will be constructed. Image: City of Saint John

Last week, the federal government announced it would contribute $813,000 toward the nearly $1.5-million cost.

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Officials said the paved trail will be wheelchair accessible and allow for all modes of active transportation.

When completed, the Harbour Passage trail will be around 11 kilometres in length. O’Reilly said between “The Cove” and a section currently being constructed in the south end, the city is more than halfway to that goal.

Design work for “The Cove” will be done this year with construction expected to take place in 2025.