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Council asked to support Keewatin projects

By Tim Davidson Jan 23, 2024 | 11:15 AM

Some residents of Keewatin would like the City of Kenora to take a more active role in supporting their activities.

In particular, the erection of a Christmas Tree.

Lynn Traviss-Thompson made a deputation to city council and is asking the city for some help.

“Moving forward we would like the city to be responsible each Christmas season in hanging the lights, dismantling them in January and storing the lights and star in the off-season,” Traviss-Thompson told council recently.

Traviss-Thompson adds that this is just the beginning of what can be done in their community.

“We hope to continue to collaborate with the mayor and council on future endeavors.  In the next few weeks we will be putting out a survey to our Keewatin neighbors to see what their thoughts are to identify things within the community that can be approved of.”

She points out this past Christmas was the first time in a couple of years, because of COVID, Keewatin was able to put up their Christmas Tree.