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Councillors Joanna Killen (left) and Brent Harris. Images: City of Saint John

2 Saint John councillors reinstated to committees

By Brad Perry Jan 23, 2024 | 12:09 PM

Two Saint John councillors suspended from their board and committee duties have been reinstated.

Joanna Killen and Brent Harris were stripped of their duties in October amid a code of conduct complaint.

A statement issued by the city late Monday said the code of conduct complaint has been resolved.

“The investigation of the Code of Conduct complaint … concluded that there had been breaches of the Code of Conduct. The investigator also concluded there was no malice or ill will involved,” said the statement.

Killen and Harris said they were targeted over their support for city workers who were on strike at the time.

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They had been outspoken about the negotiations and had recently visited the union’s strike headquarters.

The councillors said they felt that due process was not followed as they had no chance to share their side with council before being reprimanded.

“Council also confirms that it has agreed on a go-forward basis, that interim measures will not be taken until the [Councillor] being the subject of a complaint, has had an opportunity to be heard by Council,” said the city statement.