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Committees back each other to keep Centennial Pool

By Caitlin Snow Jan 22, 2024 | 2:26 PM

Community members are working hard to keep the Centennial Pool, located in Halifax’s peninsula, around for a long time.

Representing the Save the Centennial Pool Committee, Trevor Brumwell spoke in front of the Community Planning and Economic Development Committee last week.

He was one of several community members who were there in person to vouch for the pool’s life and spoke about what it means to the area.

“It is essential for our recreational swimmers but is critical for our teams to train. The motion does not consider Centennial’s swimming legacy which includes national and world record holders and Olympic medal winners,” Brumwell said.

Brumwell and other community members came to city staff because of a request made by Councillor Waye Mason, for a staff report in June 2022, that included a clause to possibly replace the pool and also build a housing complex.

The 50-meter pool has been around for decades and is aging, but Brumwell insisted that it has not reached the end of its life and it would be much less costly to fix and maintain the pool than to replace it.  He also suggested HRM build another 50-meter pool in additional to Centennial, considering how fast our population is increasing.

The motion to keep Centennial Pool around had the support of councillors Sam Austin and Lisa Blackburn.  Austin also said the clause to replace the pool was only something to consider and if it were to be replaced, would take years to do so.

The report requested by Mason, has still not yet come to committee.