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Province to spend $950,000 to increase beef production here at home

By Caitlin Snow Jan 19, 2024 | 6:00 AM

New projects and programs are in the works to increase beef production in Nova Scotia.

The province will invest more than $950,000 over two years to support the initiative, in a business that they say generated an income of $33.5 million dollars in 2023, as of September.

The government is working on Nova Scotians spending more of their grocery budget on locally grown food.

“Nova Scotia is in a great position to be competitive in the beef market. Consumers want high-quality local products, and our producers are ready to meet that need by innovating and increasing the number of cattle raised here at home,” said Agriculture Minister Greg Morrow. “That’s why we’re investing in new programs and projects to help beef farmers.”

The Department of Agriculture is collaborating with other departments and industry, academic and marketing partners on the Nova Scotia Beef Initiative, which includes:
– more investment in the Nova Scotia Cattle Producers’ Elite Sire Program, which encourages registered beef producers to stay competitive by purchasing high-quality sires
– an updated Perennia Forage Production Guide with information about optimal diet and cost of production to raise more cattle locally
– addressing training needs of Nova Scotia meat processors
– support for cattle producers to adopt new management practices and farm innovations that will prepare the industry for climate change
– provincial marketing to drive consumer awareness of the value of consuming healthy local beef along with other Nova Scotia products
– a new feedlot pilot program to encourage producers to grow their cattle in Nova Scotia instead of shipping out of province.