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City council authorizes a small increase in water delivery rates

By Tim Davidson Jan 18, 2024 | 11:57 AM

Water delivery rates will be going up, but not as much as the city had wanted them to.

City council intervened and decided on a lower rate going up from $50 to $78, not up to $150 as had been proposed.

Mayor Andrew Poirier says water delivery rates won’t phased in, and will increase 3.1 percent next year.

“It is right now in the books but I don’t know if a report comes back and it has to change substantially,” said Poirier after this week’s council meeting

“But right now, we have a target of a 3.1 percent increase as of January 1st, 2025.”

Poirier says there will be a review done on the sewer and water system in the next year or so as the current report comes to an end.

“We hoping through that process everything is looked at this time, and not missed, because water delivery rates were missed in the last two studies that were done for the city.”

Administration says the city will still have to subsidize water delivery rates.

The initial increase that was proposed back in October would have increased city revenues by $115,000 dollars.