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Queens Search and Rescue launches urgent appeal for volunteers

By Evan Taylor Jan 16, 2024 | 2:59 PM

Yellowstone National Park

Queens Search and Rescue is at risk of being no more if they can’t recruit more volunteers to join their ranks, says Brian Hatt, the group’s search manager.

“I’ve been with Queens SnR for over 30 years and in all my years we’ve never had numbers this low,”said Hatt.

In order for the team to run effectively Hatt says they need around 20 volunteers. That enables them to do searches in shifts and also provides coverage for when certain team members are unavailable.

The numbers have been dwindling in recent years as many long-time members have left, along with low incoming volunteer numbers according to Hatt. “We are putting this out there that we need people now, because if we don’t get more help theirs a risk local search and rescue will cease to exist,”.

If that were to happen Hatt says  Queens County would then be reliant on search and rescue crews from other parts of the province that would take longer to mobilize and travel to Queens were a search and rescue emergency to arise. “The first few hours of a search are often the most important so it’s crucial to have a crew locally that can be dispatched where they’re needed.”

Queens SnR most pressing need currently is for ground search and rescue crew members, who need to be comfortable walking in uneven terrain and adverse weather conditions. They also require volunteers for less physically demanding roles like, coordination, logistics, drone operators and more.

Anyone interested in volunteers (16 years and older) can contact Brian Hatt at 902-350-1413 or by email.