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Churchill talks cost of living crisis- concerns with unsustainable immigration and high taxes

By Evan Taylor Jan 16, 2024 | 7:47 AM

Nova Scotia Liberal and Opposition Leader visited theCKBW/CJHK Studios in Bridgewater for an interview with reporter Evan Taylor. Photo: NS Liberal Caucus.

Nova Scotia’s Opposition leader Zach Churchill recently visited our studios in Bridgewater for an interview to discuss the cost of living crisis and how it’s impacting Nova Scotians.

Churchill discussed the accounts he’s hearing of how the cost of living crisis is impacting Nova Scotians, the government’s decision to build the first new public housing units since 1993 and his concerns with it. He also delves into his thoughts about maintaining the highest taxes in the nation while the government generates all-time record highs in tax revenue.

Below you can listen to the interview in full.