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Province to close some ServiceOntario outlets, open sites in Staples

By Adam Riley Jan 15, 2024 | 4:30 PM

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Changes could be coming to where you get your government ID and other services.

The province is moving forward with a directive that will close some ServiceOntario outlets, and reopen some in Staples business stores.

The move comes following the November 7th opening of a new ServiceOntario location in the Pickle Lake township office.

A spokesperson for the Ministry of Public and Business Service Delivery, in response to inquiries from Acadia Broadcasting, say this is a way to improve customers experience, streamline operations and ensure a sustainable and cost-effective way to meet the needs of Ontario communities.

They say a number of factors were considered when consultations were held between the government and retailers on the pilot, including:

  • size of stores
  • parking availability
  • number of locations across Ontario
  • willingness to participate

“Staples Canada was selected as all locations met this criteria and customers will be able to benefit from a 30% improvement to current service accessibility hours. In addition, all ServiceOntario locations that are closing will have a new location open in select Staples Canada stores, not kiosks, and service will remain uninterrupted.”

However, on region specific details as part of Acadia’s inquiry including how many offices would be affected, where those offices are located, and what staffing impacts would occur by the move in the region, officials remained silent.

They did note however that some ServiceOntario providers are private, including those in the undisclosed communities where locations are moving to Staples Canada stores.

As well employees at those affected locations are being provided with opportunities to continue employment with Staples Canada.

In Northwestern Ontario there is one Staples Canada store, located in Thunder Bay.

“Small businesses will continue to be part of the ServiceOntario in-person network moving forward.” concluded the media response, which also stated the province would be communicating more details in the near future.

An online job posting for a Regional Services Manager in the Toronto area says the successful candidate will be responsible for “Monetization of ServiceOntario traffic” and “Drive sales & profit results related to ServiceOntario traffic”