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(Photo: Courtesy of Aaron's Coffee Shop)

Aaron’s Coffee Shop expands

By Tara Clow Jan 15, 2024 | 1:59 PM

Aaron’s Coffee Shop now has two locations, thanks to a partnership with another local business.

One is on Moncton’s Main Street and the other is on Pinewood Drive in Riverview.

“When we left the airport, we met up with the Owners of Queen E Vape Shop. So, basically, any location they have where there is space for us, we can set up shop,” says Owner Aaron Neilson.

It’s two businesses sharing one location.

“We have our drip coffee brew thanks to working with Down East, so our blends of coffee. We’re doing lattes and cappuccinos, and we have our own type of smoothie. We’re starting to have frozen drinks as well, like frozen hot chocolate. On Main Street, once everything picks up, and once our foot traffic is a lot better, we’re hoping to start bringing in sandwiches and subs,” Neilson adds.

(Photo: Courtesy of Aaron’s Coffee Shop)

The first Aaron’s Coffee Shop launched in 2019 in Salisbury. Neilson opened the shop for his Autistic son, in the hopes of employing others like him.

“We had so many bumps and obstacles over the last few years like most small businesses did, going through this COVID years. I began just taking things one step at a time. But now that we’re into 2024, my goal is to the point where I hope we can have a standalone location,” Neilson says.

The long-term goal is to get to the point where Neilson can hire and train individuals like his son and have a life skills centre.

Neilson pointed out that he is running up against some roadblocks right now, trying to hire.

(Photo: Courtesy of Aaron’s Coffee Shop)

“My goal would be to have at least two full-time people and then three to four part-timers. That way, I could have one full-timer at each location and then have a couple of part-timers to help out.  The biggest problem I’m running into is hiring for whatever reason, because of limited availability by those applying.”

His other goal is to take his bags of coffee to small restaurants or small convenience stores and have them serve his coffee as well.

“I just want to get Aaron’s coffee out there as much as possible,” he says.

(Photo: Courtesy of Aaron’s Coffee Shop)