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50% discounts on food about to expire to end in Loblaw-owned stores

By Caitlin Snow Jan 15, 2024 | 12:25 PM

If you are a shopper who relies on the 50 per cent discount on last-day sale items at the grocery store, things are about to get a little more expensive.

Loblaw owned stores, like Superstore, after January 21, will only offer 30 per cent off on those food items.

Sylvain Charlebois from the Agri-Foods Analytics Lab with Dalhousie University says Loblaw confirmed the move in an email to the Lab, which they say is more consistent with other grocery chains.

“Historically, our stores offered discounts ranging from 30% to 50% on ‘serve tonight’ type products. We are now moving towards a more consistent and predictable pricing strategy, aligning ourselves with our competitors. Nevertheless, we will continue to provide a range of discounts through in-store promotions and flyers, as well as offering deep discounts on food nearing expiration through the Flashfood app.”

Charlesbois says the move is concerning and is an example of price-fixing; an issue, he says, that extends beyond Loblaw, as the culture across the industry seems to be making the coordination of prices be the norm.

Charlesbois added that Loblaw should have at least make a public announcement.

The change is already in effect in other parts of the country.