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New survey shows health care remains most important issue in N.S.

By Steve MacArthur Jan 9, 2024 | 2:46 PM

It’s clear the state of our health care system is still the most important issue to you and your family.

A new poll shows health care is the top provincial issue in Nova Scotia with stress over paying bills coming in second.

More than 70 per cent in our province feel health care and the need for more doctors is the most urgent problem.

Source: Angus Reid

In every other province, day to day expenses is the top issue, and health care ranks in at number two.

Currently, when considering both two top issues in nearly every region of the country – health care and the cost of living – respondents in every province canvassed voice less than 36 per cent satisfaction with their respective governments on each. Dissatisfaction on each issue exceeds seven-in-10 nationwide.

Source: Angus Reid

Overall, the poll reveals high expectations but poor grades when it comes to the way their government is handling important issues like health, housing, and the cost of living.

The poll can be found on the Angus Reid website