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Poll: Conflict brings anti-Antisemitism & anti-Muslim sentiments higher

By Adam Riley Jan 5, 2024 | 2:00 PM

Demonstrators march down Algoma Street South in Thunder Bay protest of the conflict in Gaza (Adam Riley / Acadia Broadcasting)

Anti-Muslim sentiment and anti-Antisemitism are a major problem in Canada, but which is greater is a matter of who you speak to.

According to respondents a majority believe anti-Muslim sentiment and anti-Antisemitism is a problem, with just over 20 percent see it as a major one requiring serious attention.

However there is a distinct split here in Canada with more women than men believing anti-Muslim sentiments are a problem, and more men than women feeling anti-Antisemitism as a major problem.

Additionally, those of the Jewish faith saw anti-Muslim sentiment as a lesser problem than anti-Antisemitism, while those of the Muslim faith saw anti-Muslim sentiment as a larger issue than anti-Antisemitism.

The poll also found Canadians are becoming more critical of religion in general and its impact on society.

With 26 percent believing it does more bad than good in 2023, as compared to 14 percent five years prior.

Provincially a majority of those in the 9 largest provinces in Confederation believe religious communities do a mix of good and bad, with the more secular Quebec believing they do more harm than good.

A more detailed look at the numbers presented in the poll can be found here.