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KDSB sees reduction in housing programs

By Tim Davidson Jan 5, 2024 | 11:45 AM

The Kenora District Services Board is seeing an increase in it’s budget this year, but in one area in particular, funding is being cut back.

Henry Wall is CAO and says money from the federal government’s Reaching Home program is being reduced.

“It’s helping us support programs through women’s shelters for second stage housing for families fleeing violence,” states Wall.

“We’ve seen a decrease in that program.  We had hoped for an increase.”

Wall says the Reaching Home program also helps fund some of their emergency shelters in the region.

“We know that with respect to homelessness and poverty, and the precariousness in which families are housed, because of the increased cost of living, and some other changes in circumstances, we need Canada to play a much greater role in supporting us than what it is.”

Overall, the budget for the Kenora District Services Board is about $92 million in 2024, and Wall says the increase can be attributed to funding from the National Childcare program.