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Avenir Centre in Moncton. Image: Tara Clow

Moncton Mayor boasts success of Avenir Centre

By Tara Clow Jan 4, 2024 | 1:06 PM

Concerts, hockey games and other events at the Avenir Centre have drawn hundreds of thousands into Moncton’s downtown since its 2018 opening.

In a year-end interview, Mayor Dawn Arnold says there’s no question it was a great addition, “Our goal back when it opened in 2019, was to achieve $108 million in increased assessment in the downtown core by 2023. We have blown that out of the water we are now at $192 million by the end of this year. So it(the centre) obviously has done exactly what we wanted it to as far as inspiring that growth around it.”

She adds it’s more than just a building, it’s a real tangible asset for Moncton’s downtown.

“Some pretty great shows. Shania Twain sold out two shows, followed by Kevin Hart. We outsold everyone in North America on this. That’s pretty incredible. We’re moving ahead, and this is just such a great example of it.”

At the most recent gathering, thousands gathered in and around the Avenir Centre for the New Year’s Family Fun Fest. They enjoyed skating, food, music and the Moncton Wildcats.