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Gas prices still going down

By Tim Davidson Jan 3, 2024 | 1:03 PM

Gas prices really vary across northwestern Ontario.

But for the most part they are going down.

That’s according to Dan McTeague president of Canadians for Affordable Energy.

He says wholesale prices dropped about two cents a liter to end the year.

“Gas prices for oil and gas are dropping at this time of year, the question is how quickly?” says McTeague.

“It really depends on the community and the competition.  Most gas stations pay the same wholesale price to replace the fuel they’re selling today.  The question is when they do that?  The frequency in which they do that.  The same goes for transport costs.  If you’re looking at Kenora, looking at Dryden or looking at Thunder Bay.  It’s all the same price, it’s just a matter of when they go back and buy new fuel.”

Gas prices range from a low of 1.10 in Thunder Bay, up to 1.69 in Fort Frances.

In Kenora a price of a liter is anywhere from a low of 139.9 up to 1.46.9 and in Dryden they are a little higher at 1.49.9 to 1.59.9.

McTeague does predict we will see gas prices rise again towards the end of March.