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Be responsible, make plans to get home safely on NYE

By Tara Clow Dec 29, 2023 | 8:16 AM

A reminder for those planning on celebrating on Sunday night as we ring in 2024.

RCMP Insp. Chantal Farrah says to always make responsible choices.

“There is never a time to take a chance and drive impaired. If you’re going to take a cab, those fees are nothing compared to the hefty fines you’ll get if you’re caught impaired, or even worse if you’re involved in a collision,” says Farrah.

In the past, the focus was always on not drinking and driving, but now it has shifted to other things you may consume, including marijuana.

“Be responsible, make plans, and never drive under the influence,” Farrah says.

Road safety is always a top priority for RCMP. Farrah says officers will be doing sporadic checkpoints ensuring that drivers have made responsible choices.

“We depend on residents to be reporting impaired drivers. If you’re on the roads and you see a dangerous driver or an impaired driver, that is a 911 call. Don’t hesitate.  So pull over and make that call,” Farrah says.

She adds a description of the vehicle, and the plate, along with the colour of the car is helpful. Along with a description if you saw the driver, or if you have the direction of travel.

“The timing for your call is also very important. If you just saw the incident, you have to report it right away. That limits delays and gives us a better chance to be able to identify that driver and pull them over.”