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Survey launched for Western Region cell outages and impact on healthcare

By Evan Taylor Dec 22, 2023 | 12:57 PM

In the pursuit of ensuring seamless access to healthcare, the Western Regional Health Network is actively examining the crucial role that cellphones and network coverage play in this equation.

To delve deeper into the challenges faced by residents experiencing cell service outages, the network has launched an accessible online survey. The objective is to capture comprehensive insights from individuals in the Western Nova Scotia region who have encountered disruptions.

Residents are encouraged to contribute to the survey, which can be accessed online. This initiative aims to gather specific information concerning the timing and location of service outages, the type of phone in use, and other pertinent details.

The survey results, upon completion, will be publicly disclosed and utilized to advocate for enhanced cell coverage in the Western Nova Scotia region.

The Western Regional Health Network believes that by understanding the nuances of these challenges, they can better address the connectivity issues affecting healthcare access in the community.