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(Photo: Courtesy of ALC)

Moncton man spins big win on MEGA 360 wheel

By Tara Clow Dec 21, 2023 | 11:57 AM

A Merry Christmas indeed for a Moncton nurse.

He scratched, won a spin on the MEGA 360 wheel,  and then celebrated.

Ronald LeBlanc was on his way home from work when he stopped to purchase some lottery tickets for Christmas stockings and gifts and decided to grab a few for himself as well.

“When I went into the store, I asked the lady why my winning number on the ticket said ‘Spin’
underneath and she explained I won a spin there,” LeBlanc said. “She pressed the button, it
spun and when it landed on MEGA 360, she was jumping up and down and screaming, ‘You’ve
won, you’ve won, you’ve won!’”

In MEGA 360, players first scratch their ticket or click through their digital game, and those who unlock the “spin” feature in their game get to watch an animated wheel spin to reveal their prize.   If a spin
lands on “MEGA 360”, the player wins the opportunity to spin the wheel at Atlantic Lottery Headquarters in Moncton.

LeBlanc visited Atlantic Lottery’s head office on Monday, December 18 to spin the big wheel.

(Photo: Courtesy of ALC)

He is the third Atlantic Canadian to spin the wheel since the game launched in October.

LeBlanc works as an operating room nurse and was planning to retire in two years when
he turns 60, but thanks to this win, he now intends to retire a full year sooner.

“In the short term, I will have everything taken care of, I’ll fill out my retirement papers and give
them the date I want to leave,” LeBlanc said. “At Christmas, we’re just going to spoil ourselves
and have a very good Christmas this year.”