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More LTC beds announced for New Germany

By Evan Taylor Dec 15, 2023 | 1:16 PM

Seniors in the New Germany region requiring long-term care are set to benefit from an upgraded Rosedale Home for Special Care, marking a positive stride in the community’s healthcare infrastructure.

Susan Corkum-Greek, the Minister of Economic Development and MLA for Lunenburg, unveiled the plans to modernize the aging facility.

The revamped facility, scheduled to open its doors in 2032, will accommodate 48 seniors, an increase of approximately nine beds compared to the current capacity. Minister Corkum-Greek, speaking on behalf of Seniors and Long-Term Care Minister Barbara Adams, expressed enthusiasm about the endeavor, labeling it as incredible news for the community.

“A new Rosedale Home for Special Care is incredible news for our community,” Minister Corkum-Greek remarked. “New, modern rooms are an important step forward and are one of the ways we are ensuring Nova Scotians can age with dignity and comfort while receiving the highest quality care.”

This development is aligned with the broader initiative to enhance the province’s long-term care infrastructure. As part of this initiative, an additional 2,200 rooms are being introduced, addressing the evolving needs of Nova Scotia’s aging population. The expansion plan encompasses the construction of novel long-term care homes, contributing approximately 800 rooms, and the substitution of older facilities with state-of-the-art establishments, resulting in around 1,400 rooms. The collective efforts aim to have all these new spaces operational by 2032, thereby reinforcing the healthcare system’s ability to cater to the demands of an aging demographic.

All newly created living spaces within the Rosedale Home for Special Care will consist of single rooms, each equipped with a private washroom. The government has engaged with various long-term care providers to facilitate the development of these modern facilities and the replacement of existing ones, aligning with the evolving standards of senior care in Nova Scotia.