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Dryden CAO calls for more OPP funding

By Tim Davidson Dec 15, 2023 | 8:05 AM

The City of Dryden is getting a five percent discount on the OPP budget this year.

But CAO Roger Nesbitt says that still amounts to a 663 thousand dollar increase to their budget in 2024.

“I would request council ask the Solicitor General why Dryden is only being offered a 5% discount on their policing costs,” asked Nesbitt to council this week during their council meeting.

“Ask the Solicitor General, how is that equitable rebate?.”

Nesbitt thinks their rebate should be higher.

“Two of our neighbors receive a 15% discount on their annual OPP costs and another neighbor receives a 40% annual discount on their OPP costs.   And we’ve clearly shown that our policing costs are far and above those two neighboring communities.”

Overall, the city will be paying 12.6 percent more for policing next year and Nesbitt says the hike in policing costs is raising the city’s budget by just over $663,000 this year.

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