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Podcast: Stephen Moore, Director of Forest Nova Scotia, discusses the recovery of the sector in Nova Scotia

By Don Mills & David Campbell Dec 14, 2023 | 9:00 AM

Forestry Sector in Recovery Mode in Nova Scotia

The closure of Northern Pulp was a significant blow to the forestry sector in Nova Scotia creating a gap in demand for low grade fiber of 1.5 metric Tonnes. Despite this blow, the forestry industry still employs 6,000 workers in the province and generates $1.8 billion of economic activity and remains an important contributor to the economy in Nova Scotia. Our Insights Podcast this week features a wide-ranging conversation with Stephen Moore, the Executive Director of Forest Nova Scotia. One of those topics is the impact of the implementation of the Lahey Report on the industry which has a target of conserving 30 percent of forest lands in the province. As Moore points out, this conservation goal has the potential to increase the risk of forest fires in the province if those lands are not properly managed. In terms of conservation, the industry currently harvests about 2.5 million trees annually of the 600 million trees in the province. The goal of tripling housing means the demand for lumber will also triple in this region in the near future. This presents an unprecedented opportunity for the forestry industry to grow and expand while ensuring the long-term sustainability of this sector.

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