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IESO launches heat pump campaign

By Tim Davidson Dec 14, 2023 | 2:07 PM

Ontario’s Independent Electrical System Operator say there are about 29,000 homes in northwestern Ontario that could take advantage of their latest campaign.

The IESO is making heat pumps available if your home runs on electric heat and you qualify based on income.

Carrie Aloussis is a Senior Manager and says the program is free of charge.

“We’ll come to your home free of charge, we will install all of these energy efficiency upgrades that you qualify for free of charge,” explains Aloussis.

“There is really no cost to the customer.  In the case of the cold climate heat pumps, there is also a two year warranty.”

Aloussis says heat pumps can save you as much as 50 percent on your electricity bill and the cold climate heat pumps are designed to work on our cold winters.

“We have selected heat pumps that will work in cold weather.  So that is why we’re working with cold climate air source heat pumps.  These heat pumps are designed to work in Canadian winters and very, very cold temperatures and they have been tested and proven to be reliable.”

You can find more details here.