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Busy month so far for Christmas tree farms

By Tara Clow Dec 14, 2023 | 7:55 AM

Cutting a Christmas tree is a tradition for many families.

Chuck Secord of Yuletide Christmas Tree Farm has been planting for almost 40 years.

He says it’s such a joy to see the children smile, “A lot of people look forward to this, especially the children because it’s like a treasure hunt for them. They get out and run around and they’re all excited because it’s all a part of Christmas. When they find the tree they want, the cameras come out. Sometimes Mom or dad will cut halfway through it and then they’ll let their little one cut the rest, so they can be part of the experience of cutting their tree.”

Secord says the hunt for that perfect tree begins in October for some families. They can come and choose the tree, pay for it, and then a sold tag goes on it for them to cut and bring home at a later date.

“The last five years, people have been coming earlier to get their trees. It seems like when we first started this, we didn’t start selling trees until the end of November. Our busiest weekends are usually the last week in November and the first week of December.”

Secord adds that the trees have been plentiful this year in his fields because of the amount of rain we got in June.

For those who are planning to go and get a tree, Secord says they have everything you need on hand, including saws, and twine to help you get your tree home.

Once the Christmas season is over, Secord adds they always replant, because it takes around ten years to grow a tree to to the point it is big enough to be the next Christmas tree.