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Transit service woes continue

By Tim Davidson Dec 13, 2023 | 8:23 AM

The transit system is working once again in the City of Kenora.

It’s been off-again, on-again over the past couple of weeks.

City clerk Heather Pihulak says there have been a number of different problems with their transit bus recently.

“If we didn’t have bad luck, we would have none right now, so every time there is a part for the bus or something has broken down (it takes a long time),” says Pihulak.

“Things like Friday, we go the bus back on the road.  It was on the road for about an hour, and someone hit the bus.”

Pihulak adds that it’s very frustrating they haven’t been able to keep the bus in service.

“Ridership is obviously down because there is no stability now in the system and that is upsetting to us.  We understand that the public relies on this service.  It is an important service to the community, and it is upsetting to the administration that we don’t have immediate solutions.”

Pihulak says they are looking at a number of options right now to improve the transit system from borrowing a bus, to looking to another community to provide one.

She points out that takes 14 months to get a new bus, and it doesn’t make sense to order one right now because they want the results of a study on a micro-transit system they are currently working on before they make any decisions.