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Expanded capacity picked up by Tbaytel

By Adam Riley Dec 10, 2023 | 5:00 PM

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Tbaytel says it was successful at a spectrum auction from the federal government which saw it take on big telecom players.

Vice President, Chief Technology and Information Officer Kory Macleod explains the purchase will help them with improving access to the 5G network.

“As mobility use cases and applications evolve we’re in an exceptional position given our spectrum holdings and these 3800 acquisitions to supporting increased speeds to add capacity as we grow or connect the device base.”

A combined 180 megahertz was picked up, with 50 megahertz each in the areas of Marathon, Thunder Bay and Fort Frances, and another 30 megahertz for Kenora and Sioux Lookout.

Macleod says 3800 is considered a mid-band spectrum and its considered ideal for urban and suburban areas.

“It provides a combination of speed, capacity, low latency and coverage.”

He notes by owning those pieces of the spectrum allows Tbaytel and its customers exclusive access with no interference from other carries.