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Speaker of the House Greg Fergus (CPAC Image Capture)

Opposition calls for resignation of Speaker

By Adam Riley Dec 5, 2023 | 3:16 PM

He has been on the job a little over two months but there are already calls for Speaker of the House, Greg Fergus, to resign.

The demands come following a video appearance in his Speakers attire played at an Ontario Liberal Party event over the weekend, which as Conservative MP and former Speaker Andrew Scheer says calls into question his impartiality.

“I believe the current circumstances amount to such a breach of the impartiality of the Chair that it warrants priority consideration by the House immediately.”

Fergus has recused himself from the matter, however he claims he was mislead and believed the video was to be used for a private message, not a partisan event.

“It should not be seen as partisan to recognize a colleagues departure. It is an act of friendship and respect.”

The video was played during the Ontario Liberal Party’s leadership convention held over the weekend, where Fergus offered his congratulations to outgoing interim leader John Fraser, following the selection of Bonnie Crombie as the party’s new leader.