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Council approves new housing accelerator staff

By CJ Goater Dec 4, 2023 | 10:52 PM

At-Large Councillor Rajni Agarwal (File Photo)

City council has approved a request from Councillor Rajni Agarwal to hire temporary additional staff in Development Services to support the work of the housing strategy and to assist in meeting the assigned provincial housing target.

Doing so expedites a process that was anticipated to occur heading into budget season, but the request was met with skepticism from fellow councilors, as it was seen as unorthodox.

The new staff would assist in guiding housing projects and develop and operate incentive programs with the funds received from the Housing Accelerator Fund and Building Faster Fund.

The funds to bring on the new staff are currently being allocated from the Land Development account as an interim source of funding pending the receipt of grant funding from either the Housing Accelerator Fund or the Building Faster Fund. Upon receiving funding from either of the funds, the land development account will be reimbursed.

These funds are not confirmed, but the city is nearly positive the funds will be received as the city has already exceeded its housing target for 2023.

The price tag for both positions combined is set at $200,000 annually.

The new position will expire at the end of 2026 or sooner.

This approval is pending ratification from the next city council meeting.

*Article to be updated*