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Halifax faces 9.7 per cent tax hike as budget discussions begin

By Steve MacArthur Nov 27, 2023 | 11:00 AM

If you are already having trouble making ends meet, this is not going to be easy to digest.

A new report shows Halifax property owners are facing a proposed 9.7 per cent increase on next year’s tax bill.

According to staff, the tax hike is needed to make up a revenue shortfall of $68.7 million as the city deals with ongoing inflationary issues and population growth.

The report shows the city is expected to surpass 500,000 residents next year, marking the eighth consecutive year population growth exceeded the number of places to live and adding more pressure on city services.

The city budget committee will begin debating the tax hike on Tuesday. It’s the first stage of a long process to finalize the budget for the next year.

Last year, council approved a 5.9 per cent increase on tax rates.